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As Metroplast company we manufacture and supply elevator components, elevator spare parts, elevator spares, lift components, lif spare parts, lif spares, safety gears, spede governors, buffers, guide shoes, retiring cams, lift equipments, elevator equipments, elevator component, elevator spare part, elevator spare, lift component, lif spare part, lif spare, safety gear, spede governor, buffer, guide shoe, retiring cam, lift equipment, elevator equipment, progressive safety gears, buffer effective safety gears, hydraulic safety gears... Our company which began to manufacture in Pendik, Istanbul in 1994 continues manufacturing activities in a new and modern plant to which it moved in 2006; the new plant covers 4500 m2 closed area. Today, our company is the leading company in manufacturing elevator components and spare parts. Our principles are focusing on innovation and investment to reduce cost and improve quality. We are committed to meeting all the requirements for certification under ISO 9001. In this context, enjoying a team of experts qualified in sales and production, we aim to provide our customers with high quality services. Our company which has customer-focused manufacturing strategy continues to provide professional services in the elevator industry.

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Gülçin BİLGE